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What is Epoxy Pipe Lining

What is Epoxy Pipe Lining

Have you ever heard of Epoxy Pipe Lining? Epoxy Pipe Plumbing is a new type of plumbing. Here is an idea of what it does for the plumbing of the entire house and how it can help in future repairs for the home.

Reasons for Epoxy instead of Copper

In homes and buildings a lot of the plumbing is copper pipes. After time, they will corrode and start to leak. This is where those costly wall leaks come into play. They just finally wear themselves out.
Instead of replacing all the plumbing in the house, Epoxy pipe lining is cost effective and very efficient in fixing the problems. The plumbing is sandblasted from the inside out. This basically cleans out all the crud and corrosion. Silica particles that are embedded in air are blown through the pipes.

In doing this process, equipment will catch the debris where the pipes go up or down. Then, Epoxy liquid is blown down the pipes and will be allowed to harden. This can take just a few hours. The Epoxy is a thin coating. So, nothing heavy can be used. This is perfect for in between the walls and floors to prevent damage and cannot be used as relining sewer pipes.

Another thing is, Epoxy is safe for water drinking consumption and bathing. This is considered a food grade that is used inside of cans. If a person had plumbing experience, this saves even more money as this can be a do it yourself project.

How to tell if your home is ready for Epoxy pipe lining? See how old the house is and see if there are any signs that the pipes are becoming corroded. Also, see where in your house is the copper plumbing. They may only be outside for example. The earlier it is caught, the fewer problems there will be in the future.

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4 Responses to “What is Epoxy Pipe Lining”

  1. C.Edwards says:

    Can the epoxy pipe lining be used on the thin copper that is in track housing? We have had a couple pin-hole leaks and so worried about the ‘sand-blasting’ aspect.
    C. Edwards

    • admin says:

      It most likely can. What area do you live in? Do you have any pipe removed from a repair that we can see? At no charge, we can send someone out to evaluate your specific situation.
      We specialize I both repiping and relining. We can come out, view your system and explain the pros and cons on both.

  2. Fran Bauer says:

    Approximately how much does it cost for a 1700 sq ft home with 2 bathrooms to do the lining as opposed to a repipe with either copper or pex?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. There are a number of variables, besides bathrooms and square footage, which we would need to gather in order to estimate. Please contact our office at 800-530-1102 to speak with our re-pipe coordinator, Brandi. Or you can email your contact information to and we will be sure to contact you directly.

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