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SDGE Reminds Customers to Exercise Safety

SDGE Reminds Customers to Exercise Safety

SDGE takes seriously the safety for the natural gas pipelines. Of course they do not really expect to have many of the instances with the sewer lines that have with the natural gas pipelines. Also, they do not anticipate that the gas pipelines will have any damage or leaks. SDGE asks that all of their customers exercise safety around the utilities that are underground and be sure that you call the company if they smell a natural gas odor or any other concerns or questions.

SDGE Provides Free Utilities, Know before you Dig

A free Utility established is to call the 811 number before you start digging and report any damages or construction that is around the natural gas pipelines. You should also call SDGE immediately if you smell any odors of the natural gas in the house or outside of the business or commercial building.

If you do smell something from the natural gas you always should leave the premises, do not have any of the lights turned on or any other of the appliances that will cause some kind of spark. This includes cigarettes, lighting candles and matches.

The Underground Service Alert is a free service that will contact the SDG&E along with the other utilities that are in the area. With each of the utilities they will locate and mark these facilities that are underground that is theirs.

SDGE has pipelines that they own, most located from the gas main that is in front of the house or that is behind to the gas meter. There are of course the pipelines that are owned by the customers that are located and marked. The customer will have to call the company that locates the pipeline leak to provide the maintenance service.

Lastly SDG&E wants the customer to report any damage to the pipelines; it does not matter how small.

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